Why Trucks are the Best Vehicle Option

There’s a lot of vehicle types out there – sedans, SUVs, coupes, trucks, vans, commercial rigs, sports cars. Trucks are superior to every one of them. Each one of the car types has a specialized purpose – but trucks overall can fulfill each and every one of these purposes.

In this article I’ll address each of the different vehicle types and why trucks outperform them. It may surprise you that trucks are so versatile, superior, and customizable, but this blog is about presenting arguments alternative to prevailing mainstream opinions.

The Bed: Trucks are capable of moving things places. – This point may be obvious, but I had to list it as first and foremost. The bed provides an open platform where large items can be placed and then transported. The truck bed can also be used as a camping platform.

Towing: Trucks are built with the body-on-frame method, where the vehicle chasse is separate from the frame. This allows the frame to be optimized for strength and towing. Most vehicles nowadays are unibody – where the chasse is welded to the frame. This prevents the vehicle from having large towing capacities because the stress is dispersed throughout the vehicle, which is designed for aerodynamics. An independent frame can bear the entire burden of a trailer and prevent the stress from being translated to the weaker chasse above. That’s why the old Ford panther body sedans – the last sedans built body-on-frame – can tow more than modern sedans.

People Moving: Trucks are capable of carrying around a crew of up to six. For most families and work crews that capacity is more than enough. For the rare exceptions of families with more than 4 kids, a full sized SUV such as the Ford Expedition or Chevrolet Suburban may be preferable – but keep in mind that these are based on their truck counterparts, the Ford F150 and Chevrolet Silverado – so my thesis still stands.

Fuel Economy: The only vehicle types I listed above that have the potential of beating trucks in fuel economy are sedans and coupes. The 2023 Toyota Camry achieves a 33mpg. Once again trucks prove their superiority – the Ford Maverick achieves 37mpg, a 5mpg improvement over the Camry. Overall however, trucks do tend to have worse mileage than some other vehicle types. Still, fuel in America is cheap relatively to Europe and other places so this should only be a minor inconvenience, and one easily made up for by the other strong points.

Image: I’m against vanity so this section will be brief and is not a primary consideration. Trucks are cool.

I hope I’ve been able to convince you of the superiority of trucks when compared to any other option.

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